Deliciousness abounded at Deliverance 23, with many requests for recipes from the food committee. Our deliciousness is listed below!

Kale Salad


bunches of kale, chopped well (kale goes a long way) (Tuscan or curly is fine)
red onion
some kind of turkey or chicken lunch meat (I like the Columbus seasoned turkey)
sunflower seeds, toasted (or pine nuts, toasted optional)
parmesan, shredded finely
dried cranberries or craisins or regular raisins
lemon juice, fresh squeezed
olive oil

Combine everything except olive oil and lemon. (I chop everything up pretty small because that’s my mouth texture requirement.) Take juice from half the lemon and maybe twice the amount for the olive oil and stir until it’s emulsified. Then, pour over the salad and toss. Let it sit for about an hour or two then EAT.

There’s all manner of other things you could put in there – sundried tomatoes! roasted red peppers! probably basil and mozzarella and tomatoes! gouda! – but that’s my basic recipe there. The parmesan works well when it’s shredded super fine.

To make this vegan, all you need to do are eliminate the cheese and meat and it’s ready.