What is Hashing?

A Hash is a semi-athletic/drinking/social club based on the old English schoolboy’s game of “Hare and Hounds“.  It is centered around running and is a non-competitive (sort of like your sex life) form of exercise with the unique aspect of allowing the opportunity to vent frustration (running), provide entertainment (drinking beer), release energy (running) and socialize with others (drinking beer).  Running is loosely used to mean running, jogging, walking, crawling or any other means of conveyance – short of mechanical methods – and is usually secondary to the social aspect of hashing.

Every Hash and every Hasher is unique in their own way; a good attitude, personality, thirst, humor and a sharp wit are important attributes.  We are sometimes called a Drinking Club with a Running Problem and so if you have half a mind that’s all you need.

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